Bullys Make Momma MAD!!

I started homeschooling (which isn't really homeschooling, it's e-schooling, but I didn't want to go into the whole thing of explaining the difference, but you can check out my kids school at K12.com) about 2 years ago. We had just moved to a town in Ohio and enrolled our kids in the local middle school and elementary school.  They were honestly there for 2 days before I ripped them out. Not because of bullying (as you may think because of the title) but because my son was in 8th grade and complained that he couldn't hear what was going on in math class due to the kids talking about getting high the day before. My daughter was in 6th grade and complained about the girls on the bus talking about sex and using some unsavory language. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of these stick in the mud parents who try to shelter their kids. I'm not. But I don't think these things belong in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

So, fast forward 2 years. Kids want to go back to "regular" school. Yeah, fine, WHATEVER. 3 go to public school, 2 stay home. My 4th grader tried to deal with it for 2 weeks. The bullying started. The name calling. I met with the principal, who told me that because most of it was happening on the bus, there wasn't much they could do. It continued. He came home. 3 e-schooled, 2 public schooled.

My now 7th grade son was being called names. He told them that they were being racist. To which they replied, "It's not racist, because you're white." Later that day, one of those boys hit him from behind on the neck. A few weeks later, I ask him how things are going and it's "okay". I ask if he is having any problems. "Not really." So, kinda? "Well, there's this one kid who keeps threatening to hit me."


Deep breath. Got a hold of different principal, who called me 4 hours later, to tell me that my kid has been hit. (In the ear! That hurts!) But tells me that he is okay. Of course the kid denies everything, but there were many eye witnesses. Lucky for me, since my son won't call someone out. I am kind of glad that he did get hit. Not because I think he needs to be toughened up, but because I would hate for him to be walking around in fear. And now the other kid is known to the school officials as a bully. I am not bringing him home. For now. But I am so glad that I have the choice. But don't mess with the momma. I will make a BIG OL' stink. I will go down to that school and I will shake things up.

Bullying needs to stop. This is just a small example. It was taken care of pretty swiftly, and hopefully it won't happen again. Speak up if you know it's happening. Do NOT let it continue. No one should be afraid to go to school, get on the internet, or walk down the street. No one should be picked on for their color, religion, sexual preference, size, or any other reason.

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