Okay, So I'm A Slacker

I really REALLY am a slacker. I thought for sure that this blog was going to be different. I was going to be witty, I was going to have a million followers, I was going to post 6 times a day and keep them wanting more. What have I done? Nothing. Absolutely, positively, nothing. My last post said Happy Easter. What. The. Heck?

But I know I am a slacker, and I will try and do better. I will remember that there are ones of you out there who follow me. I will try not to let you down.  Instead of getting on Twitter and watching without posting a darn thing, I will come here and blogith. At least I have more than 140 characters to work with. And sometimes I actually have more to say than that. Sometimes.

OR sometimes I just want to write #insomnia and make you all feel sorry for me. Because it is 4am and I don't know where my Zzzz's are.

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