20 Random Facts about ME!

    When I was younger I wanted to be a stand up comedian.
    I have stage fright.

    My favorite color is green.
    I love frogs!

    I met my husband because someone asked, "Does she have a sister?" and the answer was, "Actually, I do!"

    I am terribly sarcastic. 

    I don't like confrontation.

    I am a horrible speller.

    When I hear words/phrases, it will remind me of a movie or a song. Usually I will bust into that song.

    My first born was named after one of the NKOTB. (Side note: As a teenager,  I had my kids names picked out to be: Donald Jonathan, Joseph Daniel, Jordan /I forget what I wanted the middle name to be/ and thank goodness that I grew out of that.)

    I am very disorganized. It drives my husband crazy!

    For one year I played the piano accordion. I wish I would have stuck with it.

    I am so happy that flannel is back in style.

    My best friend came up with my youngest sons name.

    I homeschool through K12. Check it out, its a great program. And best of all, it is public school, which means that it is paid for through tax dollars. No tuition or buying books! 

    My favorite dish: Beef Stroganoff. I would eat it every day if I could.

    I have insomnia. Which sucks, since one of my favorite pass times is to SLEEP.
    I'm addicted to coke. Coca-Cola people! What were you thinking.

    My favorite shoes: Converse. I wore them in my wedding.
    Actual Wedding Shoes.

    I have about 15 pairs of eye glasses. I love them to be a little funky. I always tell people where I get them, because they are super cheap and super cute. I am all about saving a couple bucks. ZenniOptical, BTW.

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