Fun Fact Friday

Brought to you by yours truly.

Todays fun facts have to do with stupid laws.

  1. In Billings, Montana: It's illegal to raise pet rats.
  2. In Nebraska: It is illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are simultaneously brewing a kettle of soup.
  3. In New Jersey: It is against the law to "frown" at a police officer.
  4. In NYC a woman is permitted to go topless in public provided it's not being used as a business. They can also ride the subway topless (since it is okay for men to do it, too.)
  5. In Asheville, NC: It is illegal to sneeze within the city limits.
  6. In North Dakota, it is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.
  7. Ohio: It is illegal to fish for whales on Sundays.
  8. In RI, it's illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley.
  9. In South Dakota: It is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.
  10. In Tennessee: It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.

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